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Orbit Spaces Services

Welcome to Orbit Spaces, your destination for training room hire, meeting spaces, meeting room booking, and coworking space. Our modern workspaces are designed to promote collaboration and productivity. Whether you need a venue for workshops or meetings, our fully equipped rooms offer a comfortable, professional environment and amenities like high-speed internet and 4k video-conferencing facilities allow you to bring remote colleagues with you.

Simplify booking with our user-friendly meeting room hire platform, with the ability to book same-day short notice rooms if available. Experience exceptional service and support for your business needs. Explore Orbit Spaces today for an enhanced remote workspace and join our vibrant coworking community.

Meeting Rooms

Orbit Spaces offer a range of meeting rooms for hire with varying capacities, starting at 1 person all the way up to 50 people or more,…

Co Working

Our co-working spaces feature an open-plan layout designed to encourage collaboration and communication among our members. Within this open environment, we offer various seating arrangements, including hot desks,…