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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes we offer a non-committal pay as you go day pass, making it easy to book a desk or hire a meeting room.

 Yes, meeting rooms do need to be booked in advance, however we can accept same-day bookings with a minimum 1 hour notice prior to booking.

Yes, we have coffee machines and nespresso machines onsite.

Yes, we have an onsite tech support team to help and assist you with anything.

We are open 9 till 5 Monday-Friday and closed on weekends.

Yes, the meeting rooms have webcams for video conferencing. They are equipped with Logitech Rally Bar, an all-in-one video conferencing system that includes:

  • 4K camera with auto framing
  • Microphone array
  • High-quality speakers

Logitech Swytch technology and Barco Click Share are also available in the meeting rooms, but these are separate systems for sharing content on the meeting room display.

Lighting is Ricoman or a similar brand and will be all dimmable.